The little things we do have a big impact

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The little things we do go a long way and leave behind an indelible mark….

I didn’t really understand how a basic need such as water and food could mean the world to someone, to the extent of showing an excitement comparable to that of winning a major trophy. That was the scene at Aquahkrom, a small farming community in the Central Region of Ghana.

The Shrewd Foundation- Central Regional branch, led by their abled Coordinator, Mr. Duncan Alidza organized a community outreach in the heights of the pandemic. They ended up being the light that shone in their life that day.

The group fed the entire community of over 100 members with breakfast. These included foods that most of them were seeing and eating for the first time in their lives.

For the first time in their lives, most of them had a choice. They were able to decide which of the beverages to take, to the point that some actually tasted all the foods served. There were mixed feelings since that was the first time most of them ate or will eat such foods.

The icing on the cake was the beautiful smiles on their faces after they had taken the meal. We were eventually told by some of them that, what we provided could be the only meal they’ll take the whole day.

We went with food but left with blessings and memories of the entire community with us. Next time you think of helping out, don’t hesitate no matter how much you have. It can put a lasting smile on the face of that hungry child out there.

Written by: Duncan Alidza

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  2. Josephine Ndanemah

    Awesome! Charity never faileth! What a wonderful experience and a great initiative. Thanks for touching lives through such acts of service by giving back to your community.

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