It’s not How Much we Give But  How
Much Love we put into Giving

What we do


We are in a mission to help the helpless.

Throughout the year, the research team, which is a committee under the auspice of the foundation, carries out a series of research in various ways to find out the ills and challenges of streetism.

Between January to March, the researchers come out with a report which is presented to the whole house for deliberations and assessments. Out of the report presented to the house, the foundation, then decides what type of mini outreach to be carried out in April. A date and a theme are given and preparations for the mini outreach begin.

Also, with this research, the foundation is able to make decisions on who is fit to be enrolled in our projects

A mini outreach is carried out in the first quarter of the year with adequate preparations. Since the foundation mainly focuses on street children, the mini outreach is also designed to fit into that idea. We run mini outreaches in various regions where we operate i.e Western Region, Central Region, Greater Accra Region, and Ashanti Region. Each Region has a unique name for its mini outreaches.

-Tsen Wonsa (Western Region)

-Noko Fio (Greater Accra Region)

-)nkaekyir (Central Region)

-Ketewa Biara Nsua (Ashanti Region)

The mini outreach is done as a reflection of the Mega outreach done by the foundation and later in the year

In the second quarter of the year, the major outreach program dubbed Omanye (The Good Omen) comes off. During this period, members take time to educate street children on good health and wellbeing. The foundation also uses this opportunity to meet the parents and guardians of street children to educate them as well. Health screening is organized for both the young and old on the street during the outreach. Medical advice is given by the medical team of the foundation as well

In the second quarter of the year, the foundation prepares for its mega outreach which comes off within the same period as an annual event. As part of the preparations, the foundation finds strategic means and ways to get members poised for the Mega Outreach and other events for the rest of the year. In that, seminars are organized by the Project Team with other supporting units of the foundation to prepare the membership for the events ahead. This opportunity is also used to educate members of the foundation on what it takes to be a lover of street children and what it takes to help them. Through the seminars, we are grounded in the knowledge of streetism

Every year, we organize a Christmas Outreach for street kids.  We provide nutritional food to vulnerable and marginalized children as well as adequate clothing and essentials

Street Smart is a project to bring the stories of street children and their circumstances closer to the public.

With this project in place, the well-being of street children which is the heart of the Shrewd Foundation is shared with the public as solutions to daily challenges are being met. The execution of this project again falls in line with SDG 3 (good health and well-being).  

Good living conditions such as housing, and employment are fundamental to well-being, and through The Shrewd Foundation and the kind public, these needs are targeted to be met for the benefit of street children.

This project is aimed at giving self-sufficient and employable skills to persons living on the street. While society is developing with technology and innovations, it will be a greater cost for an individual to be in a stagnant scenario.

The capacity to not only start companies but also to think creatively and ambitiously is very important to be included in an individual’s life.

The Shrewd Foundation is poised with all apparatus at its disposal to give entrepreneurial skills such as beads making, tailoring, and make-up tutorials to persons on the street.

Educating Street children has been one of the core pillars of The Shrewd Foundation. To meet the demands of SDG 4 (Quality Education), the foundation seeks to contribute in many ways.

Shrewd School Project has delivered quality education to many street children in the space of three years. All children under this project learn from quality basic education and ensure, street children unlock their full potential.

Our innovative education programs provide early learners with unique opportunities to develop foundational skills in the early years, learn to read, and that no child’s learning stops because they are caught up in crisis.

The result in the coming years is to see many street children grow into responsible adults with knowledge of the world and a positive perspective of looking at life

The world has made amazing progress for children in the last generation, but this development has not been distributed uniformly or fairly, particularly among street children. Millions of street children across Ghana continue to miss out on school, die from preventable causes, or face violence and abuse, simply because of who they are or where they live.

The Shrewd Foundation’s “Save A Street Child” initiative aims to break down the barriers that impede street children from surviving, learning, and being protected, allowing them to fulfill their full potential.

We also advocate for all Governments and Ghanaians to take action to expedite progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals and, ultimately, the realization of all children’s rights, including those of street children, as well as the realization of the Millennium Development Goals.