Noko Fio’22

Noko Fio is a mini outreach program under The Shrewd Foundation’s (TSF) portfolio of street-focused programs. The program is aimed at addressing the basic physiological needs of street children and occurs in the first quarter of every year.

“Noko Fio” is a term derived from Ga, a language spoken widely in the South-eastern coast of Ghana, which means ‘something small’. As the term implies, members of the Foundation go on the streets of Accra to share necessities needed for the everyday life of the less privileged especially street children during this outreach.

Noko Fio’22 was no different as the zealous youth of the Greater Accra wing of TSF took to the streets of Accra Central on 23rd April 2022 for this outreach. This year’s edition was carried out at the Tema station, a hotspot for street children in Accra. Items such as toiletries, eatables (food and drinks), and clothing were distributed to over 50 street children including toddlers, adolescents, and young adults.

Beneficiaries of the outreach were mostly young children and a few grown ones who were either selling, hawking, begging, or serving as head porters (Kayayei), and expressed their gratitude to TSF and its volunteers. They were indeed very glad and had smiles of appreciation on their faces.

Similar outreach programs were carried out simultaneously in the Ashanti Region, Central Region, and Western Region.

Since its establishment in 2017, TSF has had 5 successive Noko Fio outreaches on the principal streets of Accra. From our encounter with street children, we realized these children need our support more than ever due to the harsh reality of hardship on the streets.

We call on Ghanaians to support street children in their own ‘small way’ or support non-profits like TSF focused on attending to their socio-economic needs.

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