My Volunteer Experience; Sarah Anago writes

One of the many prevalent issues in society that breaks my heart is seeing street children being disregarded. Most people fail to recognize the need to unravel the potential of the younger generation who would grow to be the leaders of tomorrow.

My first time joining a TSF outreach was in 2018 during the Streetmas Party with the street children. Regardless of the miles, we had to walk to distribute goodies to the children under the blazing sun rays, the fulfillment I had at the end of the day set my volunteerism spirit in motion overriding the discomfort. You should have seen their gleeful smiles.

Zesuza Street Feast has been my most memorable activity in TSF. The volunteers were given the chance to have fun as well. We danced, sang, ate, and made merry with the children.

Being a volunteer has excitingly impacted my life. Meeting teammates with diverse languages, cultures, skills and educational backgrounds has played a significant role in my self-development and growth.

I’m proud to be part of TSF and I appreciate the President for allowing me to be part of the team.

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