My Volunteer Experience; Richard Mensah writes

During my University days, I was on a discovery spree. I discovered that children living on the streets counted as a minority group with a high rate of teen pregnancies. I also discovered that the majority of street children lacked the skills necessary to succeed in school and lacked guidance on potential careers.

I started to feel burdened by the fact that I couldn’t support these young children. I had hoped to establish a foundation that would focus on providing care for the teenagers who are forced to live on the streets. Lack of resources, insufficient knowledge, and lack of encouragement prevented me from launching this foundation.

I learned about The Shrewd Foundation in level 300’s second semester through a friend named Nana Adwoa, and she introduced me to Grace Opoku Kyei, which is how I joined TSF. The foundation’s mission and vision aligned with what I wanted to do for my street-dwelling brothers and sisters.

I’ve learned a lot from this foundation, but the most crucial thing it did for me was to increase my confidence in taking on a leadership position in an organization in addition to helping homeless children.

Joining TSF has assisted me in overcoming my fear of inspiring others to take action. It also inspired me to work on the cause in improving the lives of street children by providing them with a platform for success.

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  1. Maud

    Let us keep making the world a better place for these people!

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