My Volunteer Experience; Keziah Benyi writes

It all began as a vision Sophia Apenkro shared with a few of us while we were on campus. After deliberations, loads of underground works, and of course prayers, TSF was birthed and with the commitment of the few then, we propagated the Gospel of TSF to all who believed in joining this worthy cause. Lol.

From baby steps through to giant ones, I have enjoyed being part of TSF. Recounting some sessions I hosted on our WhatsApp platform and subsequent conversations concerning streeetism and strategies to avert streetism I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

Personally, TSF was the first foundation I joined and the volunteering experience has been an exciting one. My fondest memory was our first outreach at Tema Station, it was a very fulfilling and impacting one where we had life skills sessions for street children and mothers, and birth control education among others. Not only did we find it exciting, to us it was a charge to keep; to keep making impacts no matter how small…

From Christmas Outreaches to Regional Outreaches, TSF has been a safe haven where we learned, grew, and be what we are today.
So today I can look back to say that joining TSF and my volunteering journey has been a decision I could never regret.

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