My Volunteer Experience; Jacob Osei Koomson writes

Before I became a volunteer, there was a perception I had any time I saw kids begging on the streets. However, this perception changed a few weeks after I was introduced to volunteering. I discovered that I had an untapped passion for volunteering and the well-being of kids on the streets.

This passion grew uncontrollably over time. It became hard to miss a volunteering opportunity.
One of the most unforgettable volunteering activities was when The Shrewd Foundation partnered with Zesuza foods to organize the Zesuza Street Outreach. Seeing many of these street kids gathered in one place gave me a lot of chills. The willingness of the other volunteers to make sure these kids are happily satisfied increased my passion for volunteering.

In recent times, I’ll say that one of the things that have given me fulfillment is volunteering. I look forward to grabbing every opportunity in this area to make the livelihood of other underprivileged people easier.

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  1. Maud

    The street matters indeed!
    Well done, Jacob.
    See you at the top!

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