My Volunteer Experience; Ebenezer Impriam Amponsah shares

I am Ebenezer Impriam Amponsah, a team member for the projects at The Shrewd Foundation. My journey toward making a significant humanitarian impact started in 2017 when Sophia (President) posted a WhatsApp status asking for volunteers to join a newly founded NGO. After expressing my desire to join the NGO and consequently joining the group, I met lots of outstanding young men and women who were poised to make an impact within the Ghanaian community. Upon our first general meeting, the mission and vision of the foundation were shared and with the oneness of heart, the foundation was successfully launched.

My takeaway from the very first meeting that set the direction of operation was the fact, there are lots of street children in many parts of Ghana, particularly Accra. The physical manifestation of this challenge is seen along the streets of Tema Station and Madina, undocumented, without shelter, and engaging in occupations risky to their lives. My desire to help these street children has ever been increasing since then.

Volunteering is a human deed that brings us a sense of fulfillment since it helps our society advance. Volunteering can take many forms, including the small yet impactful activities we all do regularly in the community, like lifting someone else’s heavy shopping bags or picking up trash off the street. Being a volunteer has helped me see life more clearly since it has taught me how to approach problems from many perspectives. No matter what the conditions, we must try volunteering. Volunteering helps us become humble and enables us to genuinely impact society.

Through The Shrewd Foundation, I have been able to devote my skills and efforts as a young man to serving street children in the community. This helped me to know a lot of young volunteers who also want to build a better society and put a smile on the faces of these street children. Again, I believe every well-meaning individual has a social responsibility and loyalty to them which is one of the secrets of success in all aspects of life. In effect, volunteering will allow having a sense of belonging which becomes part of human identity.

Every time I work on a project for one of our outreach programs that benefits my community, I feel satisfied. Being a volunteer and a part of the Shrewd Foundation has been an experience.

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