Ketewa Biara Nsua’22

Ever heard the saying “No amount of contribution is too small”, that’s the literal translation of “Ketewa Biara Nsua” (Twi).

In a society where the average person struggles to afford a square meal a day, one cannot go about asking for more. We’ll be inconsiderate if we acted like Oliver Twist.

In that vein, we called our flagship outreach in the Ashanti Region “Ketewa Biara Nsua”. An annual event that seeks to put smiles on the faces of children on the streets of the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The 2021 edition was no exception. It was however special in the sense that it was held in the thin and thick of the pandemic. It robbed us of the usual hugs and smiles we give and see on such occasions.

The event took place at the Kejetia Market. About 50 to 100 children within and around the market were engaged. We first educated them on several good health practices; handwashing, tooth brushing, bathing, and illegal drug usage. We then provided them with food, clothes, nose masks, and toiletries.

Our interactions with these children revealed that even though these kids live in the belly of a food hub, they can only salivate at the aroma. It was thus timely that The Shrewd Foundation stepped in to show love and care.

We might not have done much but what we do know is that we’ve left an impact in their lives.

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