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Streetmas Breakfast

StreetMas Breakfast

During Christmas, most families in Ghana enjoy together, but for the SHREWD FOUNDATION, it is an opportunity to celebrate the special moment with street children who have nowhere to go and also no one to celebrate with. Selflessly, the members of the foundation get to the streets of Accra early in the morning to provide sumptuous breakfast to street children. There is more interaction between the street children and the members of the foundation.  This interaction creates a warm atmosphere for interaction between members and street children. The foundation does not only provide breakfast, but also provide solace for these children who need love like any other children, and also make merry with the SHREWDS. The foundation educates the beneficiaries on the essence of taking breakfast and its health implication. The idea behind this outreach is to provide breakfast for street children during the Christmas period so as to limit the tendency for hunger during such special occasion. This resonates with the SDG 2, and we demonstrate our commitment through this outreach. The interaction sessions under this outreach also have positive impact on the good health and well-being of street children, hence, contributing to the attainment of SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being).

The street children who work and live on the streets of Accra and has minimal or no connection with their families to celebrate Christmas with. Also, minors, who, though might be with their parents (mostly mothers), but living on the streets for survival.  The neglect and marginalization of street children through the cold attitude shown to them, keeps them from being stable emotionally. Even in times of celebration, the feeling of not celebrating with their family is another issue all together. This is when SHREWD FOUNDATION comes in to be a shoulder to lean on for street children, through the interaction and taking breakfast together. This goes a long way to reduce the magnitude of negative psychological and social effect on their lives. After all, they will have a shoulder to lean on and a family to celebrate Christmas with every year. 

This initiative has proper funding from the foundation’s coffers and as long as the contributions for the running of foundation continues, the initiative continues. The moment for interactions has inadvertently caused volunteers and members of the Shrewd foundation to be committed to fulfilling this task of celebrating Christmas with less privileged group (the need for the expression of care and affection for the underprivileged in society makes volunteers and shrewd members have a sense of accomplishment. The availability of funds to undertake this project as well as the social fulfilment volunteers and members get make them ever committed, hence ensuring its sustainability.